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RICHCLEAN began operation on January 2, 1975, serving dry cleaners and laundries in Richmond and surrounding areas. From a 3700 sq. ft. facility on Brook Road, supplies were distributed on a cash and carry basis. As business grew, a truck was purchased and free delivery service was offered for both supplies and perchloroethylene. Soon a sales force was added and the coverage area extended. In 1981 RICHCLEAN outgrew the facility on Brook Road and moved into a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Sanford Drive. From this location RICHCLEAN continued to expand the business in territory, product lines, and customer base.

In 1985, due to RICHCLEAN‘s rapid growth, it became obvious that a larger facility was needed, so plans were formulated to purchase land and build a new office and warehouse complex. In November of 1986 RICHCLEAN moved into a brand new 20,500 sq. ft. facility situated on 2 acres of land in northwestern Henrico County. This conveniently located and spacious building has allowed RICHCLEAN to continue to grow and expand.

The year 2020 marked RICHCLEAN‘s 40th year of operation. As we move toward a half century of service, RICHCLEAN remains committed to serving our customers with excellence and the dedication that has earned us prominence as an industry leader.

Main Office

2810 Ackley Ave,
Richmond, VA 23228

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