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Using YellowGo

YellowGo recovers dye-stained fabrics by removing unwanted dye. Results on whites are excellent. On colors, you have nothing more to lose and everything to gain by trying YellowGo. YellowGo may take out the color you want to keep. But if it removes the unwanted dye without damaging the underlying color, you win! You won’t have to pay for any damaged goods, and you won’t disappoint your customers. YellowGo can also be used to remove the last traces of ink and many other residual stains. YellowGo is a Titanium Sulfate based reducing bleach and is available in gallons or quarts.

Introduction to YellowGo
YellowGo Best Results
YellowGo in the Laundry Wash Wheel
YellowGo in a Pail
YellowGo on the Spotting Board
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