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Office Hours

Monday 7AM–4PM
Tuesday 7AM–4PM
Wednesday 7AM–4PM
Thursday 7AM–4PM
Friday 7AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Delivery Details

At RICHCLEAN we use this calendar as a guide for loading our truck routes.  The routes are named according to the city or area around which we are delivering.  Here are a couple things to keep in mind when using this calendar.

  1. The calendar shows when the routes are loaded on our trucks, NOT when they are delivered.
  2. Deliveries will begin the next business day with exception of the Richmond routes which deliver the same day that they are loaded.
  3. We begin loading in the morning at 7am.  If your route is scheduled for a particular day, please attempt to place your order before that day.  If you must call the day of, we will do our best to accommodate.
Main Office

2810 Ackley Ave,
Richmond, VA 23228

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